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Who has the right to vote from overseas now ?

With the Elections Act 2022, the 15 year limit was removed and a new previous UK residency qualification introduced. Now all British Citizens who have previously lived in the UK can vote - you do not have to have been previously registered.

When and how will 15 + year British citizens be able to register to vote under the new law?

The registration process will be the same as now with online registration at [https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote]. If the registration office can find enough details to satisfy them of eligibility, applicants will not need to provide further information.  This is usually a current or last expired passport number, last address of registration and your NI number.

If they ask for additional evidence, one of the following pieces of documentation, with the applicant’s current or previous name and the UK address, will be required:

If none of the above can be provided, there will be an attestation process where a UK voter who’s not a close relative can make a declaration on behalf of the applicant.

Will British citizens who've never lived in the UK be able to vote?


Can dual nationals register to vote in Britain and the other country where they have citizenship 

Voting eligibility in the UK isn’t affected by dual citizenship. 

What about people with British passports who were too young to vote when living in the UK?

Any British citizen who has lived in the UK, even if only when a child, will have the right to vote. 

In which constituency can a British citizen register to vote?

If you were previously registered, at the last registered address. If you were not previously registered - the constituency is based on the address at which you were resident on the last day before leaving the UK, or were not resident but could have made a claim of local connection under the 1983 Elections Act on that day.

See the:
[ Electoral Commission page on details of eligibility for a local connection claim]

If someone has connections with several UK constituencies, can they choose which one to register with?

No, they are only eligible to vote based on the rule above. 

What happens if the constituency where they used to vote in no longer exists?

Your constituency is based on your previous address, so you are eligible to vote in the current constituency in which the property is now located. 

Will registering to vote change my tax position in the UK? 

See the current HMRC Tax Manual - but please consult a relevant tax professional.