Where will my vote be counted?

Your vote from overseas will be counted in the current constituency of your last registered address or residence in the UK.

Do you know that due to boundary changes - most constituencies will have changed for the 2024 election? 

By entering the UK postcode of your registration address below - you can check your current and new constituencies.

Remember, in order to register at the government site - you need to know the postcode of your last registered address or residence. If necessary,  you can look it up on the Post Office site.

If you cannot remember or find your postcode - if you complete our survey of Overseas Voters - you can enter you last known UK address and we will do our best to try to find your postcode and constituency and email them back to you. 

You need to consent to your information being used in this way. 

The Liberal Democrats may use the information you provide, including your political opinions, to further our objectives and share it with our elected representatives. Any data we gather will be used in accordance with our privacy policy: www.libdems.org.uk/privacy You can exercise your rights and withdraw your consent to future communications by contacting us: data.protection@libdems.org.uk or: DPO, Lib Dems, 1 Vincent Square, SW1P 2PN. 

Why do we ask you for your email address?

The extension of the franchise to all UK citizens who have previously lived in the UK is a foreword step for our democracy - although it does little to address our antiquated and unfair voting system.  If you have a vote, you have a potential voice but this voice will only be heard if political parties listen to your opinions and work for your vote. To do this they need to be able to contact you both to hear from you and to present to you why they merit your vote. Unfortunately the Electoral Register contains only the current postal address of overseas voters - and contacting voters by post is simply too slow and too expensive to be practicable. If you give us your email address and old postcode - we will be able to determine which constituency you will be able to vote in and keep you in touch with the campaign in that constituency. You can opt out of emails at any time. We would also like to hear from you about the issues you face as a UK Citizen overseas. Please complete our overseas voters survey to make your voice heard.